Here's Anya, one of VIVID's Sales & Marketing Officers

Take a look at what Anya, one of our Sales & Marketing Officers, had to say:

"Hi I’m Anya and I’ve been working in the housing industry for 10 years starting as an Estate Agent and now selling houses through VIVID. I love the team I work with and love the feeling I get when I offer our customers a home by seeing or hearing the joy in their voices. My remit at VIVID is Shared Ownership New Builds so I get to see these amazing looking new homes being built and the excitement that our buyer is soon to be walking into a new sparkly home! I’ve dealt with solicitors, brokers, surveyors, long chains with homeowners to short chains with first time buyers and I love that every day is different and even to this day 10 years on, I am always learning new things in the industry!

Here's a few things about me. My favourite holiday destination is Paphos in Cyprus, it is where I got married so it holds a special place in my heart. I have 3 dogs. Yes I am the crazy dog lady but they are all small dogs, so that makes up for 1 large dog right? I prefer coffee, large latte, extra shot and a dash of hazelnut syrup, bliss!  As a child, I grew up in a Potters household and now my husband is a Gunner so football seems to follow me!"