A home for every day of the week

Message MON: 10:32

Jake loves his new room, just adding the finishing touches...

From: Andy

Message TUES: 08:42

Sarah (work)

Running a bit late this morning...

Message WED: 18:12

Boys night tonight! Pizza ordered :)

From: Group Message @ The Guys

Message THU: 12:33


Charlie's after-school party is tonight, see you at 5pm!

Message FRI: 17:20

Date night! Your turn to cook though ;) xxx

From: Shaheen

Message SAT: 16:45

Catch up at ours later? Not seen everyone in ages!

From: Group Message @ Old Uni Mates

Message SUN: 09:48

Having a great sleepover with the grandkids (and Ben!) xxx

From: Mum and Dad

Why Shared Ownership?

Can you think of another product that has survived over 40 years?

Shared Ownership has. And virtually unchanged. Did you know…


You don’t need a big deposit.  You only need a deposit relevant to the share you are buying.

- For some, it is the only opportunity to own a home, even if a main high street lender has said no to you before (to lending you the full market value of a property).

- Monthly payments may be lower than buying on the open market, as the shares you don’t purchase are charged as rent.

- You choose when you buy more shares, fully own the property, or.. never buy more shares, and simply live in your home as a home-owner. Your choice.


VIVID has helped close to 3000 customers to become home-owners. Let the next person be you.

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