Finding our new home at The Orchards has made the world of difference to my family!

Finding our home at The Orchards has made the world of difference to my family!

After living in temporary accommodation with her husband and children, Adrianne told us all about how much it means to have her own 3-bedroom home at The Orchards in Aldershot, and they got it even faster than she thought was possible thanks to the option of buying with shared ownership!

Adrianne told us; ‘We have three children who are 7, 2 and 1, and to have our own home has been so nice! We saw the homes in a really good location for us, and shared ownership made it more affordable. It gives people with young children a chance to get on the ladder faster than it would have been with private sale.’

When we asked Adrianne what the best thing was about her new VIVID home, she told us:

‘Telling our friends and family that our new home is ours is such a good feeling, and we are investing in something and not just paying rent. Our eldest has her own room too, and this is important to us, she can have it how she wants it! We just love that we can make the home our own too, not like our rented place.’

Adrianne explains: ‘The best thing about this area is that we have our family close by, and it’s really close to my daughter’s school and I love the fact that North Town has quite a few shops on our doorstep, we have two small convenience shops, take aways and even a hairdresser so I can get things I need without having to go to town every time. There is also a nice park for my kids, and a lovely walk you can do long the river too!’

When we asked about her experience of buying a home with VIVID, Adrianne told us:

‘Honestly, it was so good, the people I dealt with were just so helpful. Any questions that I had about shared ownership were answered so fast, they were so patient, and I got all the info I needed very quickly. I felt like I was really listened to, they didn’t just cut you off with a quck answer!'

Adrianne went on to tell us about something else she noticed about her new home: ‘Don’t worry if you just look at the plans or don’t see the home when you reserve, our new one is really big inside, so I would really say don’t be put off buying without seeing inside, it is just seems so big now we are living in the house. We’ve got loads of storage, and a lovely landing which makes the space seem even larger!’


Thanks to Adrianne and her family for sharing their story with us, we wish the family lots of happiness in their new home in Aldershot.

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