The long easter weekend is approaching and this makes us think of easter egg hunts, family roasts, and the promise of warmer weather, but also it is likely that we’ll also think of spending time in our gardens or the outside spaces near us too!

For a lot of us Easter marks the beginning of the gardening year, whether that’s creating some lovely window boxes or if you have a garden you may want to make use of the bank holidays to get the garden sorted ready for lockdown lifting and for the warmer summer months. Now is the time to enjoy outside spaces once again!

If you have a brand new lawn, it is really important to look after it now to get the most out of it this summer, and in to the future.

Our top tips to take care for your new lawn:

  1. It is key to water it regularly, never let the ground dry out. If it is raining, you need not worry but keep an eye on the grass to make sure it is still moist.
  2. If the weather is dry, water the grass with a hose or watering can 2-3 times a week, ideally early in the morning as watering at night invites mildew and fungus to start to grow.
  3. If you can’t water in the morning, try to do so between 4pm-7pm as this prevents water being lost to wind and evaporation.
  4. Check that your lawn is getting enough water by pushing a screwdriver through the turf and into the top soil. If the blade shows 2-3 inches of moisture, the grass is fine.
  5. Try not to over use the lawn, ideally you should wait 8 weeks before using a newly laid lawn. After that you will need them to be gentle with the new lawn, if it is used too soon, holes and dips can develop and the lawn may not bed in properly or the grass could die.
  6. You can also check that your lawn is bedding in well by gently pulling up the corner of a piece of turf and seeing if the water has penetrated to the soil underneath. It will become more difficult to lift as the turf beds in and roots reach in to the soil. Be patient, as this can take time!
  7. Mow little and often once the grass is growing well.
  8. Top up soil nutrient levels to encourage strong root growth.
  9. Make sure that fallen leaves or debris are not left to build up on the new lawn, as this will smother it and it needs water and sunlight!
  10. Do not cover the lawn for more than a few hours with paddling pools, rugs, garden furniture, sandpits or anything that will stop the sunlight getting through to your new lawn.

If you have a more established lawn, now is the time to get mowing!

Spring is definitely the time to get the lawnmower out. Your first cut of your grass is probably overdue, so raise the blades to their highest setting and get mowing. While you’re at it, give the lawn some lawn feed to prepare it for the year ahead.

Time to grow!

April is the month for potting up of your new bedding plants or planting seeds to grow plants and vegetables over the summer months! Make sure you have plenty of pots and fresh compost to hand, so that you can get them potted up as soon as you have bought them.  Never be tempted to use up old compost when potting new plants as over the winter pests and diseases may have got in to the bag. Old compost is best used as a mulch on your borders, so that you don’t waste any!

If you are starting from seed, ensure you plant the seeds in well drained soils or pots, and place them somewhere where they will get lots of sun! If you want some ideas for plants and seeds you can grow, and when to do so, we love the RHS Grow your own calendar, this can be found on their website

Bringing the outside in!

Of course not all homeowners have a garden or outside space to tend to, however there are some things you can do with very little space, just using windowsills to grow!  Window boxes, and seeds can grow very well in pots on your windowsills where there is plenty of light and the warm of the sun streaming in through the windows.

Herbs tend to thrive on a window sill in small individual pots, or a slightly larger planter. You can also try some chilli seeds, small strawberry plants as well as house plants and succulents. You can be quite inventive!  These also make your home look pretty and create oxygen as well as being relaxing to have around the place!

Why not try to grow some of the following?


House plants – There are many indoor house plants that are easy to care for as well as looking nice in your home. Orchids always brighten up a room and look so pretty, but there really are many to choose from.  It is best to repot your plants in spring, you may also needs some food to give them a boost and ensure they grow well in to the summer. Both of these things will help them to grow and stay healthy for much longer.

Top Tip: If you have pets, always be very careful that you check the plant labels or search online to see if the plants are safe. For example, Lilies are very poisonous to cats so should be avoided if you have them.

We hope you have a very enjoyable easter break!  Don't forget to pop over to the 'Find your new home' section to see all new homes we have on offer!